• Meckel's Diverticulum

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    A Meckel's diverticulum is leftover tissue of the baby's digestive tract that was forming before birth.

    Symptoms of Meckel's diverticulum

    • Mild or sever pain in the abdomen

    • Blood in the stool

    • Nausea and vomiting

    Diagnosis of Meckel's diverticulum

    Diagnosis is done by following tests:

    • Hematocrit

    • Hemoglobin

    • Stool occult blood test

    • CT scan

    • Technetium scan (also called a Meckel's scan)

    Laparoscopic surgery to perform a Meckel’s diverticulectomy

    The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia through small incisions in the abdomen. One of the incisions is used to insert a port (nozzle) that fills the carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen to inflate it. Now laparoscope is inserted through another incision. A laparoscope is a telescope lookalike with a light and camera on the end. It allows the surgeon to clearly view inside of the abdomen on the monitor outside. After thorough evaluation, surgeon removes the pouch (Meckel's diverticulum) without damaging the small intestine. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a portion of the small intestine if it shows signs of inflammation or infection. After the completion of procedure, carbon dioxide is released and incisions are closed with sutures or staples, or covered with glue-like bandage.

    Advantages of Laparoscopic Ladd procedure

    • Less damage to the surrounding tissues

    • Faster recovery

    • Only few hours or overnight hospitalization

    • Earlier ambulation

    • Sooner return to work

    • Very less pain during and after the procedure

    • Smaller incisions

    • Negligible risks and complications

    • Less chances of wound infection

    • Early ambulation

    • High success rate

    Authored By DR.R.K.Sinha